Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 25, 2013


This Christmas morning was fun, relaxing and really enjoyable. We were woken up by a parade of little boys who assured us the night before that they would come get us before even going downstairs to see the presents. I think they were nervous that they wouldn't be ale to control themselves! So we woke Dylan up and headed down to the Christmas tree to start on stockings. They were filled with little things like fun cereal pouches, yogurt raisins, snack bags, super hero socks, Imaginext super hero men, early readers (about Superman... noticing a pattern?!), and they were so excited about everything they pulled out! We had a take a break in the middle to charge our camera battery and again after we finished stockings, but that just forced us to go slow, enjoy the moment, play with what was in the stockings and eat breakfast! It was perfect. After breakfast we opened presents - it was a lego and super hero themed morning! Even Dylan got Duplo blocks : ) We spent the rest of the day playing with new toys, assembling lego sets, napping, and watching new movies that they got for Christmas. Sword in the Stone is a new favorite! We were with friends for dinner and the evening, exchanged gifts with them and headed home content and thankful for a wonderful, healthy Christmas. Since we had all been sick leading right up to Christmas Eve, it was especially nice to feel better. What a great day!