Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME! The weather was dreary and freezing all day, but these boys (and their daddy) sure brightened my day! The boys kept all the birthday secrets for two days, even when they couldn't possibly keep the secret. While they were making cupcakes and the whole house smelled like chocolate they insisted that they were cleaning the kitchen and coloring. They told me they went to the movies last night when they were out with Charlie buying gifts, and none of them let on about what they drew and wrote for me. They were just as excited about giving the surprise as they are on their own birthdays! Charlie and I got take-out Indian after the kids were in bed, I got new running shoes, a foam roller, yellow roses (that they remembered for at least two months that I said were my favorite), cupcakes and the framed artwork that they drew. What a great birthday! These boys, all five of them, are the greatest!