Friday, April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014

Charlie took Owen and Eli on their first Trail Life campout, so I knew that I needed to make the evening special for Garrett so he wouldn't feel left out. We left soon after the big boys and headed to Target to pick out a new lego set, then to Carters to get him a new pair of shoes (more a necessity than something fun, but he loves shoes and got to pick them himself!). After that we went to Denny's for baseball pancakes, Chuck E Cheese to spend some tokens, Tappy's for frozen yogurt and back home to put Dylan in bed and to build legos and read books. We had breakfast, drank tea and built more legos in the morning. He was a different child than he normally is - drama free! Guess that's one of the benefits of focused attention! Loved having some special Gare-bear time!!