Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014

Owen's second tooth came out with a little more drama than his first. Tuesday morning I was sitting in bible study when I got a text that said 'Owen needs you. He's about to lose a tooth.' What? He didn't even have any loose teeth! He was hysterical in his classroom, so I calmed him down but he wouldn't let me touch his tooth. He said he bit into a goldfish cracker and it almost knocked it out. Sheesh! 

He wouldn't eat anything for lunch or dinner because it was bothering him so much and practically hanging by a thread. He got panicky any time I suggested helping him pull it. Finally there was so much crying about the thought of pulling it that Charlie and I just held him down and yanked it out. Terrified screaming that ended the second the tooth was out - which is all it took because it was so loose. Drama!

I asked him to remember the next time that he has a loose tooth that it only hurts when it's still in your mouth - once it's out it stops hurting. We'll see if that works - we're not holding our breath!