Friday, October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014

Grapevine Faith's Homecoming was Friday night and we all went to support the school and team. About midway through the game Owen decided that he wanted to go for a run. He wasn't sure how many laps translated to a mile, but he caught on pretty quick, and then he decided that he was going to run three miles. Around mile 2.5 I asked him if he wanted to keep going and he looked at me like I was crazy and responded "well, yeah. If I want to run three miles then I have to run two more laps" and off he ran! His motivation and determination really helped me a couple days later during my half! My six year old is my hero : ) While he was running three miles, Eli was working on running two miles, and he completed them with flying colors. These boys are working hard to get to the point where they can run with me!