Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4, 2014

The time has come again for the Meet Your Maker Triathlon! We went this year without any other families and had such a great time. The race was so well put together, family friendly and felt like a small community. They had many of the camp activities open for the afternoon and all three big boys were brave enough to zip line for the first time! We were SO proud of them! We rode in a canoe and Eli even tried the gym swing that pulled him up close to the ceiling in the two story gym before letting him swing from a harness. I can't believe how adventurous they are getting!

The camp/race director had a tractor ride for all the families out to a campfire for a fajita dinner that was delicious. Hopefully next year we'll get to attend the worship service too, but this year we needed an early bedtime for the boys.

[Aside: At some point during breakfast Dylan fell and hit his mouth. It wasn't until after the race was over that I realized the extent of the damage - he almost knocked out his front tooth! To the dentist first thing in the morning!]

Charlie's race went great this year! He took 4th place overall with a time around 1:24:00 and said that he felt stronger this year than last. We got to see him at several points along the course and cheered as loud as we could : ) A sweet little girl named Delaney took an interest in Dylan and she held his hand and kept her arm around him the whole time. So cute! The boys had a fun run after all the racers were finished... they are getting fast! Charlie stayed back with Garrett who ran the entire time and had a pretty good pace. Owen and Eli came in 5th and 6th place out of all the kids. We'll be racing as a family in no time!!

We love everything about this camp and race. Can't wait until next year!