Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 7, 2015

2015 Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Dallas!!

Since early November I have been a 'training coach' for Rachel, who wanted to up her mileage. She started low and slow an wanted to work up to a 15K, so we picked the Hot Chocolate and got to running! She started rockin and rollin very early on and I knew that she'd set a longer goal soon. We signed up for the race, then within days she ran 11 miles at once and she wanted to register for a half marathon. Cowtown here we come!! (March 1, stay tuned!)

Race morning started early, taking the 6:20 train. We got to Fair Park with plenty of time to check our bags, go to the bathroom and get settled. We started in different corrals, so we wished each other luck and went our separate ways. My goal for this race was to beat my time from last year (9:11/mile) and I crushed it!! My garmin says that I ran 9.45 miles with an average of 8:34/mile!!! My official time per mile was 8:45 (because they divide your total time by 9.3 miles instead), but I'm still thrilled with the results! 

This race also gave me some experience with using my watch to pace myself, not starting too fast, and 'fishing' for the last 2ish miles. This is the first race in a long time that I haven't felt completely wiped by the time I crossed the finish line and it felt amazing!

Rachel crossed shortly after, we got our chocolate mugs and medals and rode the long train ride back. Awesome race - feeling ready for Cowtown!