Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015

It's race day!! Perfect running weather (overcast, 53 degrees, low wind) and an exciting atmosphere started off the day. We said goodbye to our racing buddies and boarded the shuttle to the exchange point where we waited for more than an hour for the race to begin and our partners to arrive.  The cool part of being at the exchange so early was that we got to see the frontrunners go past, and the guy in the green shirt won the whole thing! He was on fire! They were running past us (the ~7 mile mark) less than 40 minutes after the start!

Courney came in first, then Rachel, then Julie. I almost stopped to take pictures along the route because there were so many fun things to look at! I ran across the awesome bridge downtown, then down an exit ramp that was completely lined with runners and through some fun streets. The last few tenths to the finish line were all down hill and I was giving it all I had left. I think my pace for that last bit was in the 6:00s! I saw all my leg-one running buddies on the sidelines, which made it all that much more fun! Cool medal, great breakfast at Bread Winners after and another great race in the books. 

Rachel and I (Foxy Ladies) took 10th out of 134 female teams! Dazed and Confused (Courtney and Julie) took 2ND! and Blood Sisters (Julie and Erin) took 12th. Great morning for all of us!!