Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8, 2015

Our time with Erick and Toni was so much fun! They came Saturday afternoon and we had a date night scheduled for that night. Our plan was to go to Babe's then Top Golf but it was a two hour wait, so dinner was the main attraction. The next day after church we went to Fort Worth to see a Rodeo show, watched the bulls walk through the Stockyards and then Charlie, Erick and the big boys went to Winterjam and Toni and I took the little boys to the Water Gardens, one of my favorite places in Fort Worth. We drove the Cowtown course so I could see if my memory of the hills matched reality (it didn't!) and then we headed home to play cards and drink sangria : )

It poured down rain all day on Monday so Toni and I went shopping, we took the boys to Legoland and we made a great dinner at home and played games that night. 

Our last day we went into Dallas and ate at Pecan Lodge (so good!), saw where JFK was shot, and ran with the bulls. It was a fun and full trip and we're so glad they came!!