Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015

Owen, Eli and Garrett all wanted a Minion themed birthday party, so for the first time, we had a joint party for the three of them! The morning turned out to be cloudy and it actually started raining at one point - unheard of in Texas in August!

The cake, favors and t-shirts were all pinterest inspired and were exceptionally easy! It doesn't hurt that I love all things crafty too ; )

We played at the park, ate cake and bananas (ba-na-nas!!), played some more and headed home to open presents. What a great party! Happy 5th and 7th Birthdays Boys!!

Families (pictured or not!):
Boltons, Nickells, Brzozowskis, Dickinsons, Owens, Fryes, Geurins, Pattersons, Ostlunds, Zahoriks, Golzs, Varnells