Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Owen and Eli!!

We started the morning off with birthday donuts!

We celebrated with a day at NRH20 and the boys (all of them!) were in heaven! They were so brave and rode everything they were tall enough to ride, including Dylan. At one point Dylan had been riding the small yellow slide in the kiddy area and he looked at me and said 'you wanna watch me ride the red one?' Yes! It took him a couple tries to figure out how to get to the top of the slide, but he yelled to me from the top 'can I go now?' At the bottom he simply said 'that. was. amazing.' and he rode it probably 20 more times! Owen, Eli and Garrett loved the Viper, Black Falls, Blue Twister, Great White and the Green Extreme and they rode everything over and over again. Dylan wore himself out and actually fell asleep IN the wave pool during the wave sequence! Passed out! Garrett's most favorite thing was the lily pads and he crossed them about 50 times. He was like a rocket running across them!

After the water park we ate dinner at In and Out, then picked up a Key Lime Pie (their request!) and headed home to open presents and sing Happy Birthday. They are cRaZy into art right now, so they got some new supplies from Grandma and Grandpa and projects from us, two perplexus balls, Nerf guns from Aunt Elise, sticker books about Warriors and Explorers and new PJs. Seven was a success!