Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 4, 2015

It's race morning!! This was Charlie's third time racing and my first (our first as a relay) and it was such a great experience! I took the trail run portions and the lake swim, Charlie handled the mountain bike (like a boss!) and we came in 3rd overall, 1st of the relay teams!! Our time was around 1:18:25, more than 5 minutes faster than Charlie's time last year. Granted, we didn't have to worry about the transitions as much because of how we broke up the parts, but still! We both felt strong and it was so fun to compete together as a team!

The run was definitely flatter for the first half, and there were less 'mystery obstacles', so I was really able to book it! First mile was 7:42! On a trail! I might be slightly addicted to trail running after this weekend. It was such a cool new challenge and really keeps your mind engaged. The swim was tough - mentally and physically. I had put a lot into the run and entered the lake winded, not a good combination for breathing and swimming! I had a back stroke a few times to catch my breath, but I finished the 200 yards in just over 5 minutes, so I was pretty happy with that. Up the hill, soaking wet, so hand off to Charlie and he took off like a rocket on the bike. Six miles for him, a few scrapes and bruises, but he was back in about 35-40 minutes and I was off again! He started the bike in 5th place, came back in 3rd and I was able to keep that through the end. Perfect weather for a race, and a great teammate too ; )

Feeling strong going into the swim...
Up the hill in a dripping swimsuit and sneakers. Weirdest running attire ever!
Jennifer and Trigg - so glad we kept in touch this year and that we could have fun with them all over again this weekend! What a great family : )