Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 14, 2015

Our small group went camping in Dinosaur Valley State Park... and it was freezing! Lows in the 40s overnight, overcast during the day. Yikes! But it was still really fun! We got there Friday night just in time to set up the tent and get the fire going before it got dark. We cooked dinner, hung out around the fire, tried to stay warm and headed to bed. Dylan had a really rough night of coughing so I ended up putting him in Charlie's car to sleep so he wouldn't disturb the rest of the boys. Saturday met us with a very chilly morning. We started off for a hike, but Dylan, the Geurin's and I turned back when Landon fell in the super cold water. Dylan and Carter would have never made it. So we had lots of down time while the others explored around, then made a great fajita dinner on the fire, ate smores, played with glowsticks and headed in for another chilly night. It seemed warmer, but Garrett woke up crying that he was cold (and uncovered) and Owen was awake for over an hour with croup. So he and I spent some time outside in the cold air getting him to breathe normally again. Rough night of camping!