Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5, 2015

Deck the Trails!!

Last year, I ran with Owen and Charlie ran with Eli. This year, Charlie wanted me to go all out, so he started with both boys and I started close to the front of the line. Owen wanted to run by himself, and he did for more than two miles! I finished in 23:53, 1st place for my age group, 7/420 women and 36/677 overall!! The first ten places for women were all between 23:05 and 23:59. Unbelievable!

I waited at the finish line with Grammy, Pappy, Garrett and Dylan and we watched Owen come in (on his own!!) at 30:15 (last year he and I ran together and he finished in 31:40!) and Eli and Charlie finish together at 34:04 (last year they finished in 31:30). Owen said that he ran around the first field with Charlie and Eli, then took off on his own. 'I didn't walk at all, I didn't stop at the water stop and I ran right through the water in the Splish Splash zone!' He looked so strong and confident running to the finish line : ) Eli has been sick with a pretty terrible cough for about two weeks. It was a race-morning-decision for him to even run! So proud of both our competitors!!

Sleeping with Santa ; )