Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014

Another busy and adventurous day! We started with a family hike to Dry Falls where you can walk behind the waterfall, went into Highlands to walk around the town and eat lunch, then just our family headed to Sunset Rock, the Botanical Gardens and Sliding Rock. We got scammed a little by the directions to Sunset Rock. It was a steep walk straight up hill and once we got up there we realized that we could have driven the whole way up the hill! It was supposed to be .6 miles roundtrip and ended up being 1.8 miles. Good thing it was a great view from the top! Sliding Rock was a really cool place even though the water was really really cold. The boys all went down the waterslide with Charlie and even Dylan loved playing in the water. It's places like these that make us wish we had much longer than a week on vacation!