Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 7, 2014

Our big day in the actual Smoky Mountains has finally arrived! We woke up pretty early to get a jump start on the day and headed to the furthest away location, Juney Whank Falls hike. It was a short one (.3 each way) but it was very kid friendly and the waterfall was really pretty. Clingman's Dome was next - the highest point in the National Park. It was just over half a mile up to the top but it was steep and straight up. The observation tower was pretty crowded but it was really cool to see so far away. They pointed out the NC/TN border too. The mistake of the day was heading into Gatlinburg, but we had some ice cream to soften the blow a little ; ) The Englert's and Koslow's headed home after that but we went to Cherokee with Grammy, Pappy, Leah and Viv to eat dinner and play in the bubbling brook. That was the boys' highlight of the day!